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About Us

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At 4Cast, we believe that predictability and efficient planning are crucial requirements to ensure long-term sustainability for any company. That’s why we use the most powerful algorithms and resources of machine learning to help the production planners to find the best scheduling option for its shopfloor, maximizing gains and reducing costs.

Why we Created the Optimus APS?

Simulating multiple scenarios, with millions of combinations, to choose the one that provides the higher production output, or requires the shortest tooling change over, is a very difficult challenge, demanding a tremendous amount of hours and computer processing capacity. This situation gets even worse when the scenario is dynamic, changing all the time. Example: A critical machine goes down and will mess with all your production planning – now imagine that you have a fast and reliable system that allows you to see the new scenario in just few seconds with only few clicks. This is what Optimus APS delivers to you.
Our extensive experience and knowledge in production scenarios, as well as years of experience developing integration with the most common ERP’s on the market, make 4Cast the ideal partner to solve your production optimization and sequencing problem.

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To be a Global reference in solutions for the optimization and improvement of industrial planning and process control.


To apply our knowledge and technology to develop innovative solutions to improve the performance of productive processes, generating profit and sustainable growth for our customers, employees and investors.


• To be Ethic in all aspects of our business activities, with the community we live in, with our customers, employees, and the environment.
• Commitment to our goals and to the well-being of the community where we operate.
• Focus on customer satisfaction exceeding their expectations.
• Encourage constant learning as a driver of innovation, aiming to keep our products and solutions at the highest technological level ever.
• Profit as a source of business perpetuation, wealth generation and promoting jobs


We at 4Cast have a purpose that motivates us to go ahead. We believe that companies must be great places to work, must be sustainable, and above all generate good jobs and wealth. We also believe that predictability and efficient planning are essential requirements to ensure the long-term sustainability of companies. That's why we develop solutions that use the most powerful and advanced algorithms and resources of "machine learning" to help our customers find, among millions of possible scenarios, the one that maximizes their production, maximizing gains, reducing costs and waste.

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We believe that predictability and efficient planning are crucial requirements to ensure long-term sustainability for any company.

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