Optimus APS

Optimus APS

Advanced Planning
and Scheduling - APS

Optimus is the most advanced and flexible APS – Advanced Planning and Scheduling – on the market. Using powerful genetic algorithms, associated with machine learning resources, Optimus can simulate in just a few seconds the best production sequence to optimize the productivity, or to reduce set-up times, or even to minimize the use of critical resources.

Running 100% in the cloud, and supported by multiple processors, Optimus APS simulates millions of scenarios in just few seconds, making the effort of planning and sequencing the production more agile and efficient.


The integration of Optimus with your ERP allows you to download most of data directly from the Master Data, increasing the assertiveness of the simulations and minimizing manual interactions, resulting in lower costs and time wasted with endless re-planning.


Optimus APS has unique features that make it the most powerful and flexible APS solution on the market:

1. Customizable

Fully customizable our development team can create the most adherent solution for your specific needs and production restrictions.

2. Cloud Processing

By running in the cloud, with the use of multiple processors, Optimus returns the best scenario for your production in seconds. You don’t need to wait for several hours to make decisions for your business.

3. Batch splitting and grouping feature

Optimus has the ability to calculate the best fractionation or grouping of a batch in order to optimize production as a whole. This is only possible thanks to the use of genetic algorithms that always make the best decision for each scenario.

4. Infinite Resources

Another unique feature of Optimus, it allows evaluating the overload in each equipment, being a powerful tool to plan extra time, work at alternative shifts or even support the decision to purchase new equipment

5. Comparison of different scenarios

Comparing different scenarios, adding new equipment, adding new production orders can all be done with just a few clicks and in a few seconds. Creating different scenarios and comparing them to make the best decision is now possible.

Predictability and planning for the production of your Industry

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Apply for a PoC now

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